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Vision Statement:


Our church is a welcoming home where faith-filled persons live out their lives as disciples of Jesus who leads us to our true homeland in heaven.  The life of our church is guided by the moving power of God’s Word which inspires our whole lives, both personal and corporate.  This is manifested concretely in sacraments, prayer, worship and, indeed, every aspect of church life including our out-reach efforts.  We strive to provide every person with the opportunity to experience personal fulfillment and growth while enabling every member to strengthen relationships with other people, themselves, God and the world around them.  Our goal is to “preach the Gospel” by living it and demonstrating its potential for others in our community and society around us.  As a hymn puts it:  “they’ll know we are Christians by our love”!







Mission Statement


“The Lisbon United Methodist Church welcomes, nurtures, and serves all people with the love of Christ.”